onsdag 2. januar 2013

Hi there :)

I can see that I have some international readers as well :)
It would've been nice if you would leave a comment, if there's something special you would like to read about or something you would like to know. Ask anything! :)

You can also e-mail me at lotteinusa@hotmail.com

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  1. Hi, my name is Emma and I'm coming from Finland :-D I'm also going to be an exchange student in USA in 2013-2014 with Explorius :-) When did you decide you wanted to spend an exchange year in USA? :-)

    1. Hi Emma! :)
      I decided I wanted to be an exchange student in September 2011(and that's also when I sent in my application to Explorius), but I've been thinking about it since I was about 14. At first I wanted to go on a language travel, but I didn't.
      After a while I started thinking about maybe I should be an exchange student instead, but I couldn't see how I would handle the situation. I matured and after time I found out that this was something I really wanted to do :)

      How and when did you decide you wanted to go to the States as an exchange student? :))

    2. I've wanted to be an exchange student I think now for maybe 4 years :-D When I was thinking about which country to spent my year I was just sure that I wanted to go to country where people speak English. It came fast pretty clear that I wanted to go to USA :-) First I thought also Britain and Australia but Britain is so close and Australia were quite expensive. So USA stayed on my mind and in fall 2011 I told my parents that it was my dream and now I'm really going to the States next fall. :-)

      I've also read now for few years many blogs about exchange students in the States and in that way I came more interested about going there myself and really figuring out what the high school spirit is really about and how does the life in there differ from mine here in Finland. :-)


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